Nevada County, Arkansas


    City of Rosston | P.O. Box10 | Rosston, AR 71858 | (870) 871-2339

    The Act creating Nevada County authorized the appointment by the Governor of three commissioners to locate the County Seat. A temporary County Seat was fixed at Mt. Moriah and the first term of the County Court was held there in 1871. D.C. Tuttle was County Judge; J.S. Vandergrift was Sheriff, and A.B. Persons, Clerk. These were really temporary officers appointed by the Governor for no election in Nevada County had been held at this time. One term of the Circuit Court was also held in the old church at Mt. Moriah.

    The commissioners appointed by the Governor to select the County Seat in Nevada County reported to the October Term, 1871 and fixed the County Seat at Rosston, where it remained until 1877. In this year an election was had seeking to move the County Seat to Prescott. Prescott received 1107 votes and Rosston 392 votes. The order removing the County Seat to Prescott is dated July 2nd, 1877. It was charged that this election was very unfair but the majority was so great that no effort was ever made to contest this election.

    No Court House was built at Rosston and the town was named for Henry Ross who was at one time Treasurer of Nevada County. He was killed on the streets of Rosston by a man named Fincher, and Fincher escaped and was never brought to trial for this killing. Rosston had the distinction while the County Seat was there of having four Saloons and no churches.

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    Population: 261
    Square Miles: 4.50
    People Per Square Mile: 58.00